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Frederic Remington, Evening on a Canadian Lake

Evening on a Canadian Lake by Frederic Remington

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St Lawrence County War of 1812 History Trail

War of 1812 Historic SignThe War of 1812 happened right here in our own backyard in St Lawrence County, yet few people are aware of what happened and where. The War of 1812 Virtual Trail is meant to educate us about these important events that shaped our young nation.

Stroll through these sites online or - better yet - make a copy and enjoy a pleasant drive exploring where important events of the War of 1812 happened in St Lawrence County.

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Who are these Civil War officers?

We have located two stereo pairs of the officers of the New York 60th taken at Fauquier Sulphur Springs, Virginia during the Civil War. Some of the people in the picture have been identified. See enlargements of the faces and help us identify more people in the picture. See the picture and help us identify more people in it

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Civil War Sesquicentennial

150 years ago this month:

  • Aug 3, 1864 - New Hotel at Massena Springs. Oil wells in Western PA producing great excitement. Some are producing 60 barrels of crude a day. Some farms sold for $60,000.
  • Aug 3, 1864 - 92nd Captain Boswell resigns his commission because of wounds suffered at Cold Harbor. (He was the correspondent to the Courier Freeman from the beginning of their service up until Cold Harbor. Signed his letters "Paley")
  • Aug 3, 1864 - Number of Veteran Volunteers credited to Potsdam is 32, they will receive $300.
  • Aug 5, 1864 - Battle of Mobile Bay (Alabama)
  • Aug 10, 1864 - Scott's 900 consolidated at Doyle's Plantation. Serving from there, Company G skirmishes and have 10 wounded. Sickness hitting the regiment, bad water said to be the cause.
  • Aug 10, 1864 - Company M, 14th NY Heavy Artillery, when they left New York Harbor, April 22, they had 132. Now only 31 left.
  • Aug 10, 1864 - Sanitary Department of Army have made an earnest request for preparation of blackberries for the soldiers. Blackberries have superior value in the treatment of certain diseases.
  • Aug 17, 1864 - 60th NY (July 29th) entrenched within a mile from coveted Atlanta. General Hooker replaced as Corps Commander (by General H W Slocum). Hooker was liked within the regiment and Corps (but not by General Sherman).
  • Aug 17, 1864 - Town of Russell has furnished 341 men since the beginning of the war, they were all volunteers except 20 drafted men up to July 1864. They have furnished 1/10th of their entire population and two thirds of the legal voters.
  • Aug 17, 1864 - General Hooker visited relatives in Watertown, New York and was greeted with a band and a large concourse of citizens.
  • Aug 18, 1864 - Blackberry Bee in Bangor and Brandon. They gather at least 300 bushels of blackberries. They will be dried and sent to the post offices to be packed and sent to the soldiers.
  • Aug 18, 1864 - Battle of the Weldon Railroad (Virginia) (to the 19th)
  • Aug 24, 1864 - 60th NY within 1½ to two miles from Atlanta, Georgia; Colonel Godard has had to relinquish command again due to sickness. He wants to remain until the end of the campaign, but may have remained too long.
  • Aug 25, 1864 - Battle of Reams' Station (Virginia)
  • Aug 31, 1864 - 92nd has been in the trenches for 8 days without relief; during that time 2 men killed and 5 men wounded (August 22, 1864)
  • Aug 31, 1864 - Scott's 900 August 6, 1864): The regiment at Mr. Holmes' Plantation, LA. The Colonel has been appointed Chief of Cavalry for this department. The Lieutenant Colonel has been detached leaving Major SP Remington in Command of the regiment. Health of the regiment very poor.
  • Aug 31, 1864 - Recruits for the Navy left Potsdam: 29 from Potsdam, 13 from Stockholm and 2 from Louisville.
  • Aug 31, 1864 - 106th Near Harper's Ferry, August 22; losses from a battle near Charlestown, VA - 1 killed and 5 wounded.
  • Aug 31, 1864 - Huge total bonus amounts for volunteer recruits: $1192 for 1 year enlistments, $1484 for 2 years, and $1776 for 3 years enlistments
  • Aug 31, 1864 - Battle of Jonesboro (Georgia) (to September 1)

Events in bold are St Lawrence County events