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Happy Holidays!

Mantel decorated for the Holidays

In order for staff and volunteers to make sure that all the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, the St Lawrence County Historical Association will be closed for the holidays from Wednesday, December 24, 2014 through Thursday, January 1, 2015. The SLCHA’s museum and archives will reopen to the public at noon on Friday, January 2, 2015. The SLCHA’s members, staff, trustees, and volunteers look forward to more history being made in 2014.

The SLCHA Gift Shop carries holiday fare that will make visions of sugar plums dance in your head, such as marbles, pickup sticks, jacks, and history books for children and adults alike. SLCHA members receive a 10% discount on these and most other items in the gift shop, which will be open for holiday shoppers through December 23rd at 4 pm.

Civil War Veterans

John Austin has contributed a database of Civil War veterans from St Lawrence County. It consists of information on some 6,800 people who served in the Civil War. These are 5 of the people in the database; you can visit and search the data.

  • Kelly, A. Levi - Born: 1840 in Canada;
    Enlisted from Massena in 16th NY Inf Co F as Pvt on May 2, 1861;
    Captured and paroled. He was discharged in June, 1862. He lived with his uncle Christopher Gollinger on Barnhart Island in 1861. He died in Fulton, NY May 15, 1910 from peritonitis resulting from a fall (AG, 1865, newspaper, data)
  • Carr, Henry Tilden - Born: Feb. 27, 1844 in Russell, NY; Son of Marquis O. Carr and Melissa L. Derby
    Enlisted from Fine in 1st NY L Art Batt D as Pvt on Aug 23, 1861;
    Discharged Sep. 6, 1864. He died Mar. 21, 1900 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery in Fine. (TC, AG, 1860, 1865, 1890, cemetery)
  • Adams, Robert B. - Born: 1848 in St. Lawrence Co.; Son of Harry Adams and Rebecca ______
    Enlisted from Oswegatchie in 142nd NY Inf Co G as Pvt on Feb 1, 1864;
    Transferred to the 169th NY Inf. in June 1865 and mustered out Jul. 19, 1865 at Raleigh, NC. He died in 1907. (AG, 1860, 1865, data)
  • Daily, Samuel Westley - Born: Mar. 15, 1845 in Lisbon, NY; Son of Samuel Daily and Ann Riley
    Enlisted from Lisbon in 6th NY H Art Co M as Corp on Dec 30, 1863;
    Wounded in the right hand at South Spotsylvania, VA May 19, 1864 and mustered out Aug. 24, 1865 at Washington, DC. He died Oct. 25, 1927 in Lisbon, NY and is buried in Flackville Cemetery (TC, AG, 1860, 1865, 1890, cemetery, data)
  • LaFlair, Andrew - Born: 1843 in Lisbon, NY; Son of Simon LaFlair
    Enlisted from Lisbon in 6th NY H Art Co M as Pvt on Jan 4, 1864;
    Wounded in the side May 19, 1864 at South Spotsylvania, VA and again June 3, 1864 near Bethesda Church, VA. He was discharged for disability Jul. 23, 1864. He lived in Lisbon in 1890. He died in Ogdensburg Nov. 26, 1901 and is buried in Ogdensburg Cemetery (TC, AG, 1890, cemetery, newspaper)

If a name appears in bold, the person died as a result of their service.

St Lawrence County War of 1812 History Trail

War of 1812 Historic SignThe War of 1812 happened right here in our own backyard in St Lawrence County, yet few people are aware of what happened and where. The War of 1812 Virtual Trail is meant to educate us about these important events that shaped our young nation.

Stroll through these sites online or - better yet - make a copy and enjoy a pleasant drive exploring where important events of the War of 1812 happened in St Lawrence County.

Visit the trail

Who are these Civil War officers?

We have located two stereo pairs of the officers of the New York 60th taken at Fauquier Sulphur Springs, Virginia during the Civil War. Some of the people in the picture have been identified. See enlargements of the faces and help us identify more people in the picture. See the picture and help us identify more people in it

Coming Events

Civil War Sesquicentennial

150 years ago this month:

  • Dec 5, 1864 - 2nd Session, 38th Congress, convenes
  • Dec 7, 1864 - No official report on Sherman's Army only from Southern papers and he does not seem to have run into serious opposition. General Grant says that "the confederacy is a shell and Sherman will prove it."
  • Dec 7, 1864 - General Phil Sheridan's Army rejoining Grant near Petersburg.
  • Dec 7, 1864 - Farmers National Bank started in Malone
  • Dec 7, 1864 - 142nd NY officers mourning Captain John D Ransom who died November 10th from wounds suffered in the 29 Sept Battle.
  • Dec 7, 1864 - 13th NY Cavalry moved to Vienna, Virginia searching for Colonel Mosby in the Blue Ridge Mountains. More border scares in Ogdensburg and Rouses Point. Home guard called out on patrol.
  • Dec 14, 1864 - 92nd in the last campaign lost 27 killed and 137 wounded.
  • Dec 14, 1864 - Sherman Marches on, 14th and 20th Corps in advance.
  • Dec 15, 1864 - Battle of Nashville (Tennessee) (to the 16th)
  • Dec 20, 1864 - EA Merritt appointed Quartermaster General of NY State by Governor Fenton. More soldiers are being exchanged and set free.
  • Dec 21, 1864 - Saint Alban's Raiders released from Montréal Jail. Judge cites lack of jurisdiction.
  • Dec 21, 1864 - Savannah, Georgia, occupied by Union
  • Dec 21, 1864 - Sherman's army takes Savannah on 21 December 1864.
  • Dec 22, 1864 - Steamer "North America" flounders and sinks off the Coast of Florida. The North America was bringing back sick and wounded soldiers from the hospitals of New Orleans to New York. About 200 of the very sick and wounded men drowned when the ship sunk. Many of them were in Scott's 900 and were from St Lawrence County.
  • Dec 22, 1864 - Thomas defeats Hood at Nashville, 15-16 Dec 1864.
  • Dec 24, 1864 - 1st Union attack on Fort Fisher, North Carolina (to the 25th)
  • Dec 25, 1864 - First Battle of Fort Fisher; 142nd NY Infantry - 3 killed, 17 wounded
  • Dec 25, 1864 - William Walling, 142nd NY - Medal of Honor
    While there outside the fort on the landside, waiting for orders to attack which never came, William Walling of the 142nd NY saw a rebel flag fall, cut down by the union bombardment of the Fort. He sprinted across an open plain, crossed a palisade of logs and recovered the flag, taking it back to his line. For this action he was awarded the Medal of Honor. He survived the war, eventually ending up in Potsdam and owning a hardware store. He died June 16, 1912 and is buried in Bayside Cemetery, Potsdam.
  • Dec 29, 1864 - Three St Alban's raiders captured in Concord, New Hampshire. They enlisted in the Union Army hoping to get back to rebel lines on Uncle Sam's expense. Six of the released Rebel Raiders that were set free in Montréal were captured again, including leader Benett Young.

Events in bold are St Lawrence County events