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Date & Time: July 11, 2024 12:00pm
Location: Hybrid Program: In-person at the county gallery at SLCCHC or email for the Zoom link

Presented by Katie Allen.

$5 suggested donation ~ members free.

AroundĀ the world, the word heritage describes things inherited from the past, as well as legacies that will survive for the future. From a UNESCO site in Greenland to parks in Western New York, Dr. Kathryn Grow Allen will be sharing her efforts with different types of heritage. Through projects designed to reveal history, communicate science, and spark change, her work shows how heritage projects can strengthen communities. By sharing them, Katie hopes to engage in a discussion on how similar projects could be mobilized in the North Country.

Katie AllenĀ is an archaeologist and anthropologist who has been a professor of anthropology for over a decade and owns her own consulting company, Modern Anthro Consulting. Katie has worked on projects around the world, helping to protect places of heritage and encouraging communities to see them as legacies inherited from the past, to be passed on to the future.