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  • mysteryPhotoVol64No4
    Volume LXIV Number 3 - It isn’t a mystery that snow has fallen recently in this barnyard. However, white shirts and dress hats aren’t usually barnyard attire. Who are they? Where are they? What are they preparing for? Can you approximate the time frame? Let us know what you think!
  • mysteryPhotoVol65No1-1
    Volume LXV Number 1 - You may not know this boy, but isn’t he a handsome young lad equipped to serve his county, or maybe a local parade, with his rifle and drum? The porch where he stands looks like a restful place to take a break from duties at hand.
  • mysteryPhotoVol65No1-2
    Volume LXV Number 1 - Do you recognize this building or any of the people standing on the porch? Notice the sign on the building says Sharples Tubular Cream Separators. What part of the business is housed in this building? In which town? Are the people employees?
  • quarterly-mystery-photo-v64-no1
    From Volume LXIV Number 1 - Do you recognize this house or the one next door? It looks like the horse and driver had a good time in the one horse open sleigh.
  • mysteryPhotoVol64No3
    Lenore Zaunere, Town of Hermon Historian identified this photo as a Hermon M. E. Church Ladies' Aid Society dinner.
    Front row: Maud Cline, Florence McCollum, Gertie Firth, Vinnie Rundell, Mildred Burnham and Anna Ellis
    Back row: Lena Frison, Mattie Smith, Blanch Miles, Jessie Alverson and Gertie Mallory
  • Mystery_Photo--Team_of_Men
    We have an answer to Volume LXIV Number 2's mystery photo with many thanks to a very attentive reader of the Quarterly, Connie Molnar Sterner. She put online sources to work and was able to identify the location as Weeks Field at St Lawrence University. The stadium was begun in 1907 and by figuring some of the names of the players she said the photo is SLU’s track team around 1919-1920 and wonders what the shoulder sash signifies? A little more research on her part revealed full names of some of the team members which we will affix to the photo for our files. If you recognize any of the young men, we welcome additional information.

If you recognize any of these pictures, please write us

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