LIGHTING 1880 - 1910


Tinder Box with candle socket and flint stone, steel striker and tinder. The middle disc that would extinguish the burning tinder is missing.
Pistol Tinder Box with flintlock firing mechanism. Held a small piece of flint. This one is a reproduction.
Flint Lock Mechanism.
Spill plane. Type of block plane with the blade set at a 45 degree angle, usually with one or two guide lips on the bottom.

STRIKING FIRE WITH STEEL   Flint is a very hard quartz stone and when struck with a piece of steel, a spark is produced that will ignite the tinder producing a flame.

FLINT LOCK PISTOL   When the trigger was pulled the hammer moved downward, striking the flint against the frizzen plate and throwing sparks into the tinder in the pan.

TINDER   Tinder was any flammable material such as tow (dried flax,) paper, or other easily ignited material.

SPILL   Spill is tightly curled pine wood shavings used to transfer flame from one lamp or candle to another.

"Strike Anywhere" Early Scratch Matches. Cut from one thin sheet of wood which was scored so that one match could be removed at a time.
Flint Glass Spill Holder with spills cut by the spill plane. Horn of Plenty Pattern. Pine Spills, about 1850.
Staffordshire Spill Holder with Little Red Riding Hood. England. About 1840.
Fuel and Energy Sources of Illumination
THE WHALE FISHERY "LAYING ON." Lithograph by N.Currier, 1852. (reprint.) Whalers hunting sperm whales.
Miniature "Butter Cup" Oil Light.
Miniature Lamps. Green "Beaded Heart," 1800s.
Blue "Octavia," 1900s.
Cobalt Blue "Buttercup," Night Lamp.
Night Lamp. Tin painted red with a reflector.
Blue Lamp on left is "Octavia" pattern and lamp on right is a "Buttercup."
Light Green Lamp with matching chimney and font. About 1890.
Ruby Flashed decoration. Molded glass. About 1900.
Medium Green Night Lamp with applied handle. Lamp on right is cobalt blue with a ruby glass ball shade. About 1880.
Milk glass "Little Buttercup" Lamp with applied handle.
Brass Miniature Lamp. Candlestick shape with kerosene burner and brass shade with punched design.
Miniature Lamp. Star and bar pattern. About 1880s.
Handy Night Lamp with reflector. About 1890s.
Cast Iron Wall Hanging Match Holder. Patented, 1867.
Milk Glass Painted Blue Miniature Lamp with matching chimney and font.
Brass Lamp with attached tray. About 1880.
"The Little Beauty" Night Lamp. Could be used free standing or hung on a wall.
Bottom of "The Little Beauty" Night Lamp.
Sheffield Plate Candlestick with ornate design. Early 1800s.
Fancy Porcelain Victorian Match Holder with striking surface on bottom of the cover. Decoration is applied prior to firing.
Shell Match Holder, patented. Bottom was cut from the same shell as top. Souvenir of Saranac Lake, N.Y.
Skillet Brass Chamberstick and Cone Extinguisher. With Holes in Stem for Removal of Candle Stub. 1750s.
Brass Miniature Oil Lamp.
Candle Holder Set. Complete with Drip Tray, Snuffer and Trimmer.
Hand Forged Candle Snuffers. These tools were used to remove the burnt portion of the candle wick. The point was useful for removing the wick from the melted wax.

The extinguisher on the left has a rosewood handle. The other, a douter, has two flat disks to pinch out the flame.
Patented Candle Snuffer with douter and mechanical blade. England. About 1800.
Victorian Ladies High Shoes Match Holders.

CANDLE SNUFFERS AND TRAYS   They are scissor type tools that cut and retain the snuff trimmed from candle wicks without extinguishing the flame. The burnt portion of the wick was called snuff. The snuff was held in the box on the snuffer. The result was a brighter, cleaner flame. About 1750 to 1850.

Hand Painted Toleware Holder.
Cat and Kitten Match Holders.
Chestnut Wall Mounted Match Container.
Fine Walnut Carved Wooden Match Container.
"GOOD NIGHT" Candle Holder.
"GOOD NIGHT" Candle Holder. Top view.
Cast Iron Victorian Lady Match Holder.
Farm Girl Match Holder. Feeding her pets.
About 1870.
Fox Pipe Smoker Match Holder.
Fine Inlaid Wooden Match Case with scratch surface on the bottom.
Paper Mache Wall Match Container. Has white flower pattern.
Little Girl Match Holder.
Toleware Wall Match Box.
Heavy Cast Iron Match Holder. One side to hold new matches and the other to hold used ones.
Faux Elk Horns Match Holder With Copper Containers.
Glass Baby's Boot Match Holder.
"Paisano" Carrying Heavy Load Match Holder.
Blue Glass Wall Hanging Match Container.
Porcelain Paper Scroll Match Container.
Porcelain Dog and Puppy Match Container.
Rococo Porcelain Match Container.
Porcelain Match Container with gold leaf decorations.
Rococo Porcelain Match Container Open. Showing scratch surface on the inside of the lid.
Porcelain Wall Mounted Match Box.
Doilies were an important part of lighting with candles and oil lamps. They protected the furniture from wax drippings and spilled oil.
Wall mounted exhibit. 2ft. x 3ft.
Paper Mache Tray with a brass snuffer.
Painted Metal Tray. About 1800.
Painted Metal Tray.
Painted Metal Tray.
French Brass Tray and Snuffer.
Polished English Brass Tray. Handle on one side and four feet. About 1750.
Pewter Tray and Wick Trimmer.
English Snuffer with two cone extinguishers.
Patented Snuffer Set.
Patented Snuffer Set. Registered England, 1843.
Ornate Brass Tray and Snuffer.
Brass Snuffer Set.
Sheffield Plate. England.
Sheffield. England.
Sheffield Silver Plate. England.
Sheffield. England.
Metal Painted Tray and Snuffer.
Painted Match Box.
Match Holder with Painted Cherubs.
Red Top Boots and Boot Jack Match Holder.
Little Buttercup Finger Lamp.