Carbutt's Multum in Parvo Lantern. Translation from Latin: Much for Little. Opaque Glass Door was used for retouching glass negatives. Patent, April 25, 1882.
Advertisement for Carbutt's Lantern.
Photographers Portable Developing Lab of the 1880s.
Bird's Eye Maple match holder with striking surface. Early 1900s.
Tin Candle Molds and Tin Candle Mold Filler. Filler held enough liquid to fill six tubes. Early to mid 1800s.
Bronze Dutch Girl match holder. 1890s.
Hexagonal Tin Candle Lantern. Three tin sides and three glass panes with tin loop handle and air vents. 1840.
Tin Lantern with four bevelled glass sides. Wire/bale handle. Hinged base with access to tin kerosene font. 1870.
Richly illustrated book of fine lamps.
Well worn book about oil lamps from Carl's library.
History of lighting in America.
Development of domestic lighting from prehistoric times.

REFERENCE BOOKS - These are some of the books which provided reference material for this exhibit.

BRASS TAPER CANDLE BOXES - with hand crafted primitive workmanship. Perhaps craftsperson was apprentice without proper tools or adequate materials. Decorations appear to have Royal Arms design with shield in center and floral leaves on front. May represent lion and unicorns with shield in between and floral leaves on front. English or Dutch. Possibily 1700s or early 1800s.

Grease Crusie Lamp with copper bowl and curved hanger. Bear, swine, or opposum fat used, or anything that walked by. Hook for hanging. 18th century.
Implement used for lighting gas street lamps. On the end was a device to help turn the knob on the burner. Candle taper was pushed up through a hollow tube with wooden handle. Late 1800s.
Whale Oil Sparking Lamp. Free blown with pontil mark and applied handle. Had a drop burner with cork. 1800.
Candle Holder fashioned from a sapling with tin socket.
Candle Mold. Six candle frame. Cast pewter tubes. 11"x8"x15"
Six Candle Mold. Capt.John Camp (War of 1812) Estate. Sacketts Harbor, NY. About 1820.
Six Candle Mold. Wooden mortice and tenon construction.
Six Candle Mold. Flat, thin nails fasten top and shelf (head with grain.)
Two Tube Torch burned lard, oil or kerosene. May have been made locally by a tin smith. Primitive metal jacklight used by guides & sportsmen to lure deer or placed on bow of a boat to lure fish. Late 1800s to early 1900s.
Mechanical Loom used for weaving narrow pieces of fabric was also used to weave ribbons and wicks. About 1820.
Wooden Tape Loom. Held between the knees for weaving tape and wicks. 1700s.
Tin Lantern with Molded Oval Sunburst Lens. Used whale oil for fuel. American. 1830.
The Patterned Sunburst Lens expanded the light. Used as today's flashlight.
Candle Reflectors. Tilt top stand style. Taper candlestick. About 1850.
Candle Reflectors. Reverse Side.
Candlestick, Vase, Mercury Glass Goblets. 1850 to 1860.
Mercury Glass Goblets. Mantel Silas Wright House. 1850 to 1860.
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Hurricane Shade.
Hurricane Shade.
Hurricane Shade.
Silas Wright House. Composite Table Lamp with etched cranberry font. Electrified.

HURRICANE SHADES Heavy Free Blown Leaded Glass. Engraved with stars, plumes, swags and grapes. French or English 1820. The dimensions are 24 inches high and 10 inches wide.

Silas Wright House. Sunumbra (without shadow) Lamp. Living room.
Silas Wright House. Cranberry Lamp on the piano (one of pair.) Peg lamps and shades. With etched and gilt decorations on glass.
Silas Wright House. Cranberry Lamp on the piano (one of pair.) On brass candlesticks.
Dolphin Light Blue Flint Glass Candlestick with wafer. About 1840 to 1850.
Table Lamp Painted. Decorated with opaque white font with gild decoration. Village and floral decoration. Opalescent Opaline flint glass stem and base. 1860s.
Hello Solar Astral Lamp. Lard or whale oil. Brass stem and font with two tier marble base. Bulbous, frosted and engraved shade. Electrified.
Silas Wright House. Argand Lamp, center draft.
Advertisment for Rochester Lamp Co.