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Civil War Monument Cleaning Project

Purpose of the Project

We have an interest in studying the Civil War and keeping the memories alive of the soldiers who fought and died for their causes. Because of age and acid rain we have noticed tha many of the gravestones and monuments of the Civil War soldiers are in need of cleaning. It is our hope that we can raise enough money to start cleaning some of them this summer, 2001, and continue with others in future years.

All money raised for this project will be applied to the cleaning of gravestones.

How the Project Will Work

For a starting place, we have noticed that the monument for Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Marsh in the Bayside Cemetery in Potsdam is in need of cleaning. Lieutenant Colonel Marsh was killed at Gaines Hill, Virginia in 1862. We would like to get a professional monument cleaning company in there to clean this monument. It is made of white marbel and needs the special care and knowledge that a professional firm can offer.

If we can raise more money than it takes to clean this stone, we will clean as many other stones as we have money for. We will try to get the most for our money.

Next, we will pick more stones on the basis of need and affordability. For now, we can only stick ot cleaning the stones. Restoration will have to be another project.

Indications of need are: if it looks like the stone has been neglected for years, or is a public monument. Lieutenant Colonel Marsh's stone was given by a women's relief group from Potsdam.


We have successes! Visit the results page to see several of the stones which have already been cleaned

Grave Marker for Marsh