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Abolitionist Database

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Last Name First Name Source Petition / Town Church / Anti Slavery Society Affiliation Office Held / Year Residence Town
Eastman Wm. E. P H&L   1850 Hopkinton
Eckles John P Lisbon   1845  
Eddy Ebenezer P DK   1850 De Kalb
Edmonds Charlotte P Pierrep   1839 Pierrepont
Edsall Richard P Mad   1845 Madrid
Edsall Samuel P Mad   1845 Madrid
Edwards Perkins P NK   1854 Norfolk
Eggleston B. C. P Hopkintn   1850 Hopkinton
Eldred David P Brasher   1839 Brasher
Eldridge Henry P Morristown   1854  
Eliot Robert P Lisbon   1845  
Elliot   P St Law Co   1851  
Elliot L. G. P Osw / Ogd   1854  
Elliott Adam P Mad   1845 Madrid
Ellis John P Mad   1845 Madrid
Ellison John E. P NK   1854 Norfolk
Ellison Sylvester P NK   1854 Norfolk
Ellison WM jr. P CL / s,f   1850 Canton
Ellithorp Danforth P St Law Co   1851 Lawrence
Elms Walter P NK   1854 Norfolk
Emnot Michael P Lisbon   1845 Lisbon
Erwin Henry A. P St Law Co   1851 Lawrence
Erwin Nancy C. P Parishv.   1838 Parishville
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Erwin Nathan P Parishv.   1838 Parishville
Erwin Sturt P Lisbon   1845 Lisbon
Estus Joseph P St Law Co   1850  
Everest E. A. P NK   1854 Norfolk
Everest Ethen P Pierrep   1839 Pierrepont
Everest Viney P Pierrep   1839 Pierrepont
Everts Jesse P St Law Co   1850 Stockholm
Everts Martin P St Law Co   1850 Stockholm

Records retrieved: 31

Database provided by St Lawrence County Historian's Group © 2010. For more information contact DeKalb Historian Bryan Thompson

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  • P = petition
  • I = incorporation (usually church should indicate somewhere in column)
  • H = Morley WM Church History
  • HH = Hopkinton Town History
  • NP = newspaper (should be followed by abbreviation for paper.)
  • FBR = Free Will Baptist Register
  • FoM = Friend of Man
  • St.L.Rp. = St Lawrence Republican

Petition / Town

Should be self explanatory except:

  • CL = Canton / Lisbon
  • Nk or NK = Norfolk
  • HL = Hopkinton / Lawrence

The s stands for signatory as in they signed an abolitionist petition. f is for founder as in they were founding members of an antislavery church; in this case usually the Morley Wesleyan Methodist or the Hopkinton Free Will Baptist church.

Church Affiliation / Antislavery Society Affiliation

  • FWB = Free Will Baptist +town
  • FB = Free Will Baptist
  • WM = Wesleyan Methodist +town
    • Ie E Stockholm = East Stockholm, N. Stockholm = North Stockholm, Prpt. = Pierrepont
  • slass = St Lawrence County Antislavery Society, usually followed by year of record
  • LP = Liberty Party
  • Freesoil mt. = Freesoil Democrat meeting
  • Friends Fr. M. = Friends of Freedom Meeting
  • LPC = Liberty Party Convention followed by year
  • LP cand. = Liberty party candidate
  • FDC = Free Democratic Convention
  • LP Speaker = Speaker at Liberty party meeting

Office held or year of petition:

Due to space restrictions this column either holds office held by person or year of petition signature. These should be self explanatory I hope.


I have checked each signature on the 1850 or 1840 US Census. This line shows the town where each signatory resided. Some petitions have signatures from many places. ie. The 1845 petition from Lisbon was signed by William Barnheart of Massena. Some are blank because either there was no person of that name on the census or because there were so many of that name in the county but none from the town of the petition making it impossible to determine who the actual signatory was.


A space for miscellaneous notes on the person such as years the person served as minister, Office or title, office that individual was a liberty candidate for etc.