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Dedication of General George Sears Greene's Monument

at Culps Hill, Gettysburg PA

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  • Alexander Derosiers?
    A relative says he is Alexander Derosiers (or Derosia), Alexander did not serve with the 60th, He was in the 142nd Co I and enlisted at Massena.
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  • Jay Fairbanks
    May be Jay Fairbanks - enlisted in Co F oct 1861 as a Sergeant and was with the Regiment until its muster out on July 17, 1865. He was in the battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg where he was wounded very slightly. He was promoted to First Sergeant Co F Sept, 1863. Then he was wounded seriously at the Battle of Lookout Mountain, TN. He recovered in Hospital at Tullahoma then re-enlisted as a veteran. He was with the regiment in the battles for Atlanta and Marched with Sherman to the Savannah and up through the Carolinas until the end of the War. He then lived in Russell as a farmer until he died Aug 15th, 1912.
  • James Hurst
    James Hurst is seated in the second row, fourth from the man holding the flag. He was a second lieutenant and then a lieutenant with Co. B. He enlisted 10/31/1861. He resigned 1/27/1863 while at Stafford Courthouse due to poor health.
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  • Edwin A Merritt
    General Edwin A Merritt (his left elbow is on his knee) started out as quartermaster of the 60th; in 1864 he was promoted to Captain as Commisary of Subsistence and was in charge of supplying Sheridan's Army. After that he was in charge of paying commutation of rations to returning POWs. He was then appointed Quartermaster General for the State of New York, hence the title General. He had several political offces after the war including Consul-general at London. He was instrumental in securing Potsdam as the location of the Normal School, which later became SUNY Potsdam.
  • Enoch P Griffiths
    Enoch P Griffiths enlisted at Richville in Co K, served with the 60th until after his enlistment then tranferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps where he served out the rest of the war. He lived in around Richville the rest of his life.
  • Thomas N Murphy
    Thomas N Murphy, Co I, born Stockholm, NY, wounded slightly at Gettysburg, wounded severely at Golgatha, GA (The Atlanta Campaign). There he lost his left arm. After the war he was an attorney in the Potsdam-Norwood area, also he was a Justice of the Peace in Norwood. Thomas was the brother of William Murphy who was killed July 2, at Gettysburg, and is buried at the National Cemetery there.
  • Leffert Buck?
    Leffert Buck was from Canton NY Co A, rose in rank from corporal to Captain during the war. After the war, was a distinguished enginneer. He was head engineer on the Williamsburg Bridge in NY City.
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  • James E Woodley?
    James E Woodley from Ogdensburg. I compared him to a picture of him and President Wilson at the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion. He was in Company G, enlisted Sept 24 1861, reenlisted Dec 14 1863 and mustered out with the Company 17 July 1865. He was very involved in the 60th's Reunions, serving on its executive board a few times. He is listed in newspapers as going to the Greene Statue Dedication in September 1907.
  • William Keenan
    William Keenan, who served with Co G and was wounded at Gettysburg, losing an eye. He lived in Potsdam, NY after the war and was for a long time the librarian. He was listed along with Edwin Merritt, James McCormick, Julius Palmer, Leonard Wilson, and Keenan as being veterans from Marsh Post GAR Potsdam going to the Dedication of the General Greene statue.
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  • George Grant, of Norfolk
  • General Grant's oldest son, Frederick D Grant
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  • Charles Thurston Greene
    Charles Thurston Greene, the son of General Greene. He was 1st Lt at Gettysburg, and later had his leg removed by a shell or cannonball at Ringold.
  • Addie Maud Supple Greene
    The only woman in the group is Addie Maud Supple Greene (Mrs. Charles T Greene), the wife of General Greene's son, at whom she is looking.
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  • Col. Lewis R. Stegman?
    Could be Col. Lewis R. Stegman. He was Captain in the 102nd NY Vol. at the battle of Gettysburg. The 102nd bore the brunt of the Confederate charge on the right of Greene's Brigade. As the Rebels charged, they found the trenches and breastworks abandoned by the rest of the 12th Corps and were able to flank the 137th. They pulled back at right angles to the Brigade and kept the Confederates from overrunning the brigade through the side door. Col. Stegman was later Chairman of the New York Monuments Commission after Dan Stickles (at right) stepped down.
  • Dan Sickles
    The man not really with the group but standing to the right may be General Dan Sickles. He lost his leg at Gettysburg; it is in a museum in Washington DC and he visited it throughout his life. He was head of the New York Monuments Commission and always at dedications.

Reunion of the New York 60th Regiment at Gettysburg

People identified so far (some tentatively):

James E Woodley? William Keenan 4-03 George Grant of Norfolk, Company G, Born 1841, died 1914, buried Raymondville Cemetery Frederick D Grant 4-06 4-07 Charles Thurston Greene Addie Maud Supple Greene 4-10 4-11 Lewis R. Stegman? 3-01 3-02 2-01 2-02 Jay Fairbanks James Hurst 2-05 Edwin A Merritt Enoch P Griffiths Thomas N Murphy Leffert Buck? 2-10 1-01 1-02 Alexander Derosiers? Dan Sickles

This picture is of the 60th New York Infantry Regiment's veterans who attended the dedication of General George Sears Greene's Monument at Culps Hill, Gettysburg PA. The dedication was about Sept 1907. Click on the image to see enlargements of the faces.

See a formal and an informal picture of many of these same men taken at Fauquier Sulphur Springs, Virginia during the war


Write to Stan Maine if you can identify any of the people in this picture! Stan has written a brief history of the 60th's service.