St Lawrence County Historical Association

Collections Manager Position

The St Lawrence County Historical Association (SLCHA) is seeking a candidate to fill the open Collections Manager (CM) position. The CM reports to the Executive Director. Responsibilities include management of the SLCHA's artifact and archival collections, as well as oversight of public outreach efforts including both on- and off-site programs. A Bachelor's degree in history or related field required. Professional or volunteer experience in museum or special collections field preferred. More…

Annual Meeting

The Capitol at Washington (Franke)

The Capitol at Washington, a re-strike printed from the original copper plate engraving made in 1889 by M. Franke, is being raffled off at the St Lawrence County Historical Association's 67th Annual Meeting at the United Methodist Church, 183 Main Street, Edwards on Saturday, November 1, 2014. The meeting, which will run from 11 am - 2 pm, includes a visit to the new Edwards History Center. The public is invited and you do not have to be a member of the SLCHA to attend. Lunch is $10 per person and pre-registration is required for lunch. More…

Civil War Veterans

John Austin has contributed a database of Civil War veterans from St Lawrence County. It consists of information on some 6,800 people who served in the Civil War. These are 5 of the people in the database; you can visit and search the data.

  • Loucks, Dwight - Born: 1845 in New York; Son of Joseph Loucks and Sarah ________
    Enlisted from Pierrepont in 106th NY Inf Co C as Pvt on Aug 24, 1864;
    Wounded in the leg at Cedar Creek, VA Oct. 19, 1864 and died from the effects of amputation at Winchester, VA Nov. 16, 1864. He lived in DeKalb with his parents in 1860 but is buried in Hermon Cemetery (TC, AG, 1860, cemetery)
  • Kelsey, Noel Byron - Born: 1844 in St. Lawrence Co.;
    Enlisted from Russell in 1st NY L Art Batt D as Pvt on Aug 23, 1861;
    Discharged for disability Dec. 17, 1862. He lived in Eureka, CA in 1870. He died in Rock Creek, British Columbia May 18, 1912 (AG, 1860, 1865, data)
  • Mitchell, Harrison - Born: May 12, 1841 in Morristown, NY; Son of Erwin Mitchell and Caroline Huntington
    Enlisted from Morristown in 60th NY Inf Co C as Pvt on Oct 23, 1861;
    Discharged for disability Jan. 10, 1863. He married Barbara Werner and lived in Port Huron, MI in 1880. He lived in East Jordan Village, MI in 1900. He moved back to Ogdensburg and died Sep. 5, 1905 and is buried in Ogdensburg Cemetery (TC, AG, 1860, 1865, cemetery, data)
  • Reed, Preston King - Born: June 28, 1839 in New York; Son of Jacob Reed and Elizabeth ______
    Enlisted from Oswegatchie in 106th NY Inf Co C as Pvt on Jul 24, 1862;
    Wounded in the shoulder June 4, 1864 and transferred to the Veterans Reserve Corps. He mustered out June 28, 1865 at Washington, DC. He married Mary Dart. He died in Ogdensburg Nov. 4, 1892 and is buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in Oswegatchie. A news item Nov. 16, 1892 said he had been missing for about 2 weeks, and his body washed up in Canada in June, 1893 (TC, AG, 1860, 1865, 1890, cemetery, newspaper)
  • Countryman, Amos B. - Born: Apr. 3, 1838 in Pamelia, NY; Son of Henry Countryman and Elizabeth Walrath
    Enlisted from Potsdam in 142nd NY Inf Co E as Capt on Sep 2, 1862;
    Mustered out June 7, 1865 at Raleigh, NC. He lived in Leray in Jefferson Co. NY in 1850. He married Elizabeth Holmes in Potsdam in 1876. He died Aug. 21, 1918 in Ft. Edwards, NY and is buried there. He is listed in the Oswegatchie TC record (TC, AG, 1850, 1860, data)

If a name appears in bold, the person died as a result of their service.

St Lawrence County War of 1812 History Trail

War of 1812 Historic SignThe War of 1812 happened right here in our own backyard in St Lawrence County, yet few people are aware of what happened and where. The War of 1812 Virtual Trail is meant to educate us about these important events that shaped our young nation.

Stroll through these sites online or - better yet - make a copy and enjoy a pleasant drive exploring where important events of the War of 1812 happened in St Lawrence County.

Visit the trail

Who are these Civil War officers?

We have located two stereo pairs of the officers of the New York 60th taken at Fauquier Sulphur Springs, Virginia during the Civil War. Some of the people in the picture have been identified. See enlargements of the faces and help us identify more people in the picture. See the picture and help us identify more people in it

Coming Events

Civil War Sesquicentennial

150 years ago this month:

  • Oct 4, 1864 - 106th NY (Sept 21, 1864) Battle of Opequon that occurred on 19 September casualties listed: 11 Killed or mortally wounded, 41 wounded, and 2 missing. Battle at Fisher Hill: 1 Officer killed, 2 men wounded
  • Oct 5, 1864 - Battle of Allatoona (Georgia)
  • Oct 9, 1864 - Battle of Tom's Brook (Virginia)
  • Oct 12, 1864 - 92nd NY In the battle of Chaffin's Farm: 13 killed or mortally wounded, 10 wounded, and 6 missing. As of 2 Oct, only 44 men present and one Commissioned officer. Lt George S. Thompson in command of regiment.
  • Oct 12, 1864 - Doctor WQ Mansfield, formerly Assistant Surgeon of the 92nd NY, was appointed Surgeon in Chief of the 2nd Brigade of the 18th Corps of the Army of the Potomac.
  • Oct 18, 1864 - Wide Awakes return for Lincoln in Norfolk, NY (a Republican party organization of young men)
  • Oct 19, 1864 - In the last draft call of 500,000 men, St Lawrence County was require to raise 1100 new recruits; 1700 stepped forward.
  • Oct 19, 1864 - Saint Albans, Vermont Raid, Confederate soldiers dressed in civilian clothes robbed banks in Saint Albans then escaped to Canada. Seven captured in US had $50,000 on them. Twelve captured in Canada were held in Montréal. A regiment of US Troops were stationed in Saint Albans after the raid.
  • Oct 19, 1864 - Cedar Creek, Virginia
  • Oct 19, 1864 - Cedar Creek, Virginia - 106th NY Infantry - 12 Killed, 40 wounded, 3 missing
  • Oct 19, 1864 - Cedar Creek, Virginia - 6th NY Heavy Artillery - 26 killed, 52 wounded 16 missing
  • Oct 19, 1864 - Battle of Cedar Creek (Virginia)
  • Oct 23, 1864 - Battle of Westport (Missouri)
  • Oct 26, 1864 - (dated 23 Oct 1864) 13 of the rebel raiders (of Saint Albans, Vermont) are in jail in Montréal, they are mostly young men from Kentucky. They insist that they are in rebel service and are confident that they will be released.
  • Oct 27, 1864 - Because Black Union POWs were used in the construction of rebel trenches, General Butler demanded that rebel POWs be used for the same tasks at Dutch Gap canal within rifle shot of the rebel troops. General Lee stopped this practice and sent black POWs back to Richmond. General Butler stopped his retaliation immediately.
  • Oct 27, 1864 - Darbytown Road, Virginia - through October 29
  • Oct 27, 1864 - Darbytown Road, Virginia - 142nd Infantry - 21 killed, 78 wounded, 3 missing
  • Oct 27, 1864 - Darbytown Road, Virginia - 92nd NY Infantry - (2nd Fair Oaks) 2 killed, 3 wounded, 26 missing
  • Oct 27, 1864 - Battle of Burgess' Mill/Boydron Plank Road (Virginia)

Events in bold are St Lawrence County events