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Directors and Officers

Officers for 2016

  • President - William Flynn, Ogdensburg
  • Vice President - Lance Rudiger, Canton
  • Treasurer - Richard Whitehead, Hammond
  • Secretary - Diana Fisher, Madrid

Directors - Board members are elected at the annual meeting in November. Their terms begin the following January and run through December of the year in which their term expires.

  • James Carl, Potsdam
  • Timothy Cryderman, Madrid
  • Patricia Dominie, Morley
  • Diana Fisher, Madrid
  • William Flynn, Ogdensburg
  • Mark Friden, Star Lake
  • Rita Goldberg, Canton
  • Romayne Hartshorn, Richville
  • Nancy LaFaver, Lisbon
  • Stanley Maine, Pierrepont
  • Cathleen O’Horo, Canton
  • Carol Opdyke, Norfolk
  • Thomas Plastino, Canton
  • Lance Rudiger, Canton
  • Carlton Stickney, Stockholm
  • Richard Whitehead, Hammond

Silas Wright House

Board of Directors 2015

Back, L to R – Rita Goldberg, Linda Casserly, Mark Friden, Lance Rudiger, Stanley Maine, James Barnes, Carlton Stickney, and James Carl

Front, L to R – Diana Fisher, Patricia Dominie, Cathleen O’Horo, Romayne Hartshorn, and Roger Bailey